Creating an Affordable Ecommerce Store


Creating an Affordable Ecommerce Store

How much money do you require in order for you to start your business?  There are companies that we have heard of wherein they invested millions and ended up begging for the money of investors to keep their business from functioning.  Despite the fact that your operational costs can increase gradually due to the sales increase, you need to remember that most online businesses started with a minimum amount of capital.  Most of them began as a very basic Ecommerce site, and they slowly expanded their business.  When building an affordable, easy to use e-commerce site that has a global appeal, Shopify and Big Commerce can provide their assistance.

However its worthy to note that before spending a penny on ecommerce the first step is writing a good business plan and operations manual, this will not only be a guide during the deployment stage but also a tool you can use to measure you KPI’s and deliverables.

Building Easy to Use Ecommerce site with Shopify

One of the ideal methods in building an affordable ecommerce website is by using Shopify.  It is definitely the quickest way to set-up your online store and experts are highly recommending it for the beginners.  The Lite Plan is available for only $9/ month and aside from that you get a 14-day trial for free that will let you test the different features of the site.  This is a great introductory price; for a nominal membership fee, you will receive a top level domain, different features for hosting the ecommerce site



A must for ecommerce merchats is proper accounting, its been proven that 80% of online business fail because they lack proper book keeping ethics and a great tool I will recommend is ProbityBooks online business accounting software.

The click and mortar feature of Shopify allows you to have a global reach that may expand your revenue.  If your business offers a product, you may think about integrating the point-of-sale feature that will make your customer information and inventory management consistent.  Another great feature of the e-commerce built on Shopify is that it is mobile friendly.  You will never be tied to your desktop computer since you can virtually access your site using any device.

Building an Affordable Ecommerce Site with Big Commerce


The service offered by Big Commerce is available at a low $29.95 (around the same price as Shopify).  With this price range, you can now sell an unlimited amount of product.  In terms of feature, Big Commerce has an upper hand compared with other Ecommerce hosting platform.  It comes with a real-time shipping cost, an inherent review and rating system and a gift card system that you can provide to your local customers.

Another benefit of Big Commerce that is worthy to mention is that it will not charge you with a single cent on your transaction regardless of the plan that you chose.   It will also give you an annual discount in case you made an upfront payment for the entire year of acquiring their service making it one of the most affordable hosting platforms.

In the event that you are weighing your option when building your affordable ecommerce site, both Big Commerce and Shopify can provide an amazing solution for your small business.  They both offer a free trial which you can use to test if it is the suitable ecommerce hosting platform for your business.



Written by Olushola Ogunniyi

Shola is technology enthusiast since the days of Windows 95. With special affection for technology in business for motivating entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to grow their Startup. He believes SME’s is the only solution to a sustainable economy.  @sholahacom


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  1. Hassan Raza

    It a very good article Olushola, and yes choosing the right web hosting plays a huge role in creation of successful ecommerce store, but to cut corners some people use cheap web hosting options, but I wouldn’t recommend any of them, because as their prices are down so is their services. And as in case of most websites down time mean loss and frequent down time is always bad. One of the reliable hosting provider I can think of is Cloudways, because they give server scalability options using it, new beginner’s can increase hosting requirements as their site traffic requirements grows, this means they have to pay less in start when they have less requirements and then as there site visitors and hosting requirement grow so there hosting cost.

    1. Olushola Ogunniyi

      thanks for your elaborate lines, i will research and drop something about Cloudways soon

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