Does Email Marketing Still Work

Does Email Marketing Still Work?


Some marketers will say email marketing is dead and overtaken by social media. This is very far from the truth. Ignore email marketing at your own peril. They say old is gold, and email marketing has features that guarantee better success in your marketing campaigns. Email marketing platforms have become better and offer more powerful features enabling better targeting and feedback. Your online accounting software will see better bottomlines. Why keep doing email marketing campaigns?

Targeted messages

With email marketing, you can see what emails are being opened and who is opening them. This feedback helps you refine your targeting. Tailor made messages targeting different sections of the market have better success on click through. Social media is not able to do this as all messages are mass broadcasted without targeting which end up being ignored by most people.

Better delivery

You are surer that your email messages will be read rather than say, tweets or Facebook posts. It has been seen that over 90% of people in the US who have email addresses, open their email daily. It is also the preferred method of business communication at workplaces, and from companies to customers.

If your messages are able to beat spam filters, you are more assured click through for your messages.

More revenue

Campaign monitor has shown that email messages are 6 times more likely to get a click through than a tweet or a Facebook post. Some platforms like Instagram will not allow live links, making your click through rate nil.

Email allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people with a few clicks. If your email list is huge, a fraction of this promises serious sales revenue. You can track this effectively with online accounting software.

Stay relevant

Email allows you stay on your customers’ radar. This is because many people open their email regularly. Regular messages keep you visible to the readers. With good record keeping, you are able to know which market sections to send what emails.

Email complements social media

Instead of looking at email and social media as mutually exclusive, you are better off working with both platforms. Social media is great for interacting with your audiences and generating marketing leads. On the other hand email can lead your customers to social media posts.

Reduced costs

Unlike social media where you have to incur budgets on PPC, email marketing costs are drastically lower than other online marketing methods. Costs basically include putting up your landing pages and the cost of your email marketing platform. Studies have shown email marketing costs 10% lower than other direct marketing costs.

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