How to Get Value Traffic for Your Site


How to Get Value Traffic for Your Site

Websites aim at organic traffic, (Organic Traffic is essentially Traffic you didn’t buy, they came as a result of content relating to their need) so as to establish their reputation and become competitive in today’s world.

Even though this is an ongoing process with a lot of difficulties, it is certainly worth the effort. Value traffic will increase your brand awareness and help you to remain highly ranked in your niche and Increase your sales. However, not everybody succeeds in getting value traffic for their site. How to cope with the contemporary needs of the market and where to focus on?

Domain Authority and Page Authority

is very vital to how search engine crawlers respond to your content, having 100% in Domain Authority or Page Authority is not a year’s work, but not too worry it’s the likes of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube etc that have reserved seats in the Domain and Page Authority party.


However they got there not by fluke but by carefully chunking out content and they use great tools to ensure search engines understand their content and stay ahead of competition. 2 great tool I always recommend for everyone is APP Sumo and Moz Tools, it’s not too expensive but you can use their free MOZ Bar for basic analysis.

high quality content to attract traffic

The most important thing you need to do is to create high-quality content to attract traffic which is a vital ingredient for Organic Traffic. It might seem simple, but it can be proven to be exceptionally difficult along the way. Many websites concentrate on quantity rather than quality. Getting 1 Million visitors is not just enough, how many of these people really need your product/service, advertising Ice in Iceland won’t work!!!


Research where your customer’s hangout and what they do there then you can adopt a strategy to attract them. Getting traffic is similar as getting married, for best results you don’t propose marriage on first date, you need time to understand what they want and how to propose / present it. However when these traffic comes, cummunications will be required, make sure you have a customer service department or personel in place to help you build a valuabe business, because the main essence of the traffic is to build great business.

Not doing the right strategy, will damage your site’s reputation and ranking. You should make sure that you write compelling content that is pleasant to read, aiming at attracting traffic that will turn into repetitive visitors.

targeted audience

Narrow down your targeted audience, so as to benefit from your niche. Websites cannot cover the needs and preferences of all people and hence you have to determine your own specialised topics to turn to. As a result, the quality standards of your produced content will improve, and you will gain the attention of more conscious visitors. Instead of trying to cover the interest of the widest audience possible, stick to your niche.

Do not fall for the same trap as many other sites, looking for ways to incorporate the highest ranking keywords in your content. You can look at it the other way; these keywords are vastly used on the Internet and hence the competition is high. Why don’t you search for long tail key phrases that can offer you substantial benefits? At the same time, try to build an audience by being consistent with your writing.


One more thing, can Google Craw Your website?  80% of website do not take the advantage of submitting their website to Google, and its FREE, they wait indefinately for google to come and crawl them, which takes alot of time even months.

Getting authority website to mentioning you or to do an article about your product is like magic, because they already have high domain authority, so when they mention you or your products its like a legion voting for you.

Social Media

are cheaper ways to achive traffic, facebook and instagram are great examples, but be careful to advertise to you audience. Even a 10 year old can advertise on these channels, because once your upload a photo or video they suggest boasting the video or picture to you almost immediately.

In order to stand out and get higher ranks on Google, take your time and read the Google SEO Webmaster Documentation and Learn to use Google Search Console  there are several tactics that you ought to stay away from. For instance, do not use cheap links that are not genuine and do not get paid inbound links. These things used to offer some good in the past, but now Google has changed its course.

Be sure to have Google Analytic and Yoast Search Engine Optimuzation

plugged to you site if you are using wordpress and find its equivalanet for other CMS Websites, these Tools will guide you to know where traffic is coming from and where to concentrate your energy on.

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