Categories, Track Shipments and Vendors Section

The categories section is a great tool required for segmenting a business, If you sell from multiple locations, you could create categories and using a naming style you will easily identify like Nigeria Store, London Store and California Store in order to identify theses multiple stores.

So also you can create different Category for each brand you sell like, Nike, Adidas, Lotto, Puma etc.


So, Why do we need vendors? Every Business Owner must have a something to sell, and since no business is an island, so we our ability to keep track of them and what we buy and how much we buy them is very important.

Here we have a robust vendor management feature that enables not just storing of the vendor information but also Tracking of Shipment.

Each time an attempt is being made for delivery the delivery guy can login to the app and go to the vendor / track Order section and input the present status of the shipment, so that back office staffs can also login to the system and review that status of the shipment delivery.

All the reports, charts and graphs you’d ever want in 1 click. You can Watch Tutorial Training Videos here to get started and how to play around the platform.
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