Customer Loyalty & Relationship Management

Simple Customer Loyalty System

Our system allows you to create two kinds of loyalty system either point 
based or voucher based. 

Point based means when a customer spend say N 10,000, we will be awarded 
100 points and that 100 points could mean N1000 discount. He would be 
expected to redeem the discount at next purchase.
Voucher based means when the customer buys X number(s) of a particular 
product he would get Y number(s) of of a particular product either but 
5 shirts and get the 6th same type of shirt from or Buy 5 Shirt and 
get a bow tie free. 

The system also allows Sending message to all your customers or to 
selected few.

And finally you can list and review the number of people that 
have redeemed their loyalty points or vouchers.


Point Based Loyalty Tutorial

Point Based Loyalty System is ideal for rewarding a purchase that reaches a set value.

Step 1: Enter Name of program
Step 2: Enter Amount, how much a customer must spend to earn a reward e.g N5000
Step 3: How many points do you want to allocate to this spend
Step 4: How much will the points worth in discount at next purchase
Step 5: Check to activate or deactivate loyalty
Step 6: Click update.

Voucher Based Loyalty Tutorial

Vouchers are ideal for items you can give away for free after your customer buys an item for a certain number of time.

Step 1: Enter Name of program
Step 2: Select product
Step 3: How many units to buy before a reward ( Buy 5)
Step 4: How many units will be rewarded (Get 1)
Step 5: Check to activate or deactivate loyalty
Step 6: Click Add Loyalty

Please feel free to suggest more features we can add or reason our process logic with us.
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