Generating your First Invoice on ProbityBooks


Generating your First Invoice

Can i Back Dating an Invoice. It’s possible to back date an invoice.

We understand you might have made some sales previously and would like to generate them on the system.

Once Logged in please click on Invoices / Add Invoice / Just click on the autogenerated date and edit the year, month and time to the prefared date.

The robust nature of the application allows 2 kinds of Invoice generation, Invoices can be generated based on previously uploaded products or services, whereby the system user will just input the product name, service name or code and the invoice is automatically populated and the user only needs to input the quantity desired and all other fields are calculated automatically.

However, we have another kind of Invoicing that gives the user control over the kind of information he wants to key in, be it product or services and can play with the time the invoice was created. Another beauty of this feature, is that this kind of invoiced transaction only affects the Profit Books balance it does not affect the Sales report analysis and should the user need invoice report, he can easily list all invoices under this section.

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