Open bills, suspended sales or pending payment

Making and reconciling sales and payment is crucial for the survival of any business and we are aware that not all transactions sail through and we have carefully crafted away to address this issue.

There are 2 alarm icons on the upper left corner of the page, these servers as reminders andshortcut to the pending payments, a sort of reminder.


Suspended Sales

For reason like card transaction declined or credit sales, they can be packed up using the Hold button at the POS section, this sales value does not affect the cash position of the company but the sold items are debited and once payment is received the Open Bill function can be used to trace the particular transaction and the sales completed and the sales value now reflects in the Sales register.

Pending Payments is different in that the Sales value on the receipt is added to the cash register and the value affect the Profit & Loss status of the company unlike the open Bill / Suspended Sales method for tracking un aid invoices.

All the reports, charts and graphs you’d ever want in 1 click. You can Watch Tutorial Training Videos here to get started and how to play around the platform.

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