Sales Discount and Taxes

Let’s review your Reports Section together, either daily Sales Report or Monthly Sales Report. Both Sections has 3 banners and can only be viewed by users that are created with Admin priviledges.

There 3 Banners

The blue banner displays the core of your business, Sales Value means total sales while Received displays the total cash received for the period in question.

Kindly Note that there are 2 kinds of invoices, uploaded Product/Services Based (ie invoices based on preconfigured inventory) While the second type of invoice does not need to be fetched from inventory.

1. when you create Proforma Invoices from inventory, it does not affect your Books balance.

2. when you create Sales Invoices from inventory it WILL AFFECT you book balance.

3. when you create invoice NOT stored in Inventory it does not affect your sales value it only affect your book balance, and the total value of the invoice seen as profit.

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