Wireless Portable Pocket Printer

Zuta Magic Printer

Imagine printing recipts & reports  Everywhere, Anywhere and Anytime from your mobile phone or PC wirelessly and without cables ?

The ZUTA Pocket Printer Allows you print 60 pages or 1 Hour of uninterupted Printing from the backup power and the catridge can rint 100 pages with out refil.  This is incredibly awesome. cant wait to have it.

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The Robotic Printer

Equipped with a unique mechanical drive system, WiFi connectivity for connecting to mobile devices and a battery that provides a full hour of printing, this little printer is not limited to standard paper sizes.


What is the Robotic Printer’s size?

10.2cm diameter, 350gr

What color does the Robotic Printer come in?


How fast does the Robotic Printer print an average A4 page?

1 to 1.2 Pages Per Minute

How long does the printer work on one full battery charge?

1 Full Hour

How many pages can one ink cartridge print?

Around 100+ pages. Still testing.

Which devices can I print from?

PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones with Wifi

What can you print on?

We’ve only tested it on paper.

What size paper can it print on?

Any standard size of paper.

What colors can you print in? 

Currently only black

How do I change cartridge once it’s finished?

At the bottom of the Robotic Printer there’s a hatch that opens. Simply take the old cartridge out and replace it with a new one.

How do I start printing?

Step 1. Turn the printer ‘on’. Step 2. Align the corner of the printer with the corner of the paper. Step 3. Either click ‘print’, or send the document to our mobile app, and it will start printing.

How do I print several pages?

If you send several pages to get printed, the printer will stop when it gets to the bottom of the first page and wait for you to align it at the top of the next page. Once the printer is placed on the next page, you can tap on the app and it will continue to print.

Where can I get a new cartridge?

From our website.

How do you make sure the ink doesn’t leak?

The printer has a little cover.


  • Black cover
  • Size and weight: 10.2 cm diameter, 350 gr
  • Print Speed: 1 ppm
  • Print Quality: 300 dpi
  • One black cartridge included
  • Approx. 100 pages per cartridge. Still testing.
  • ConnectivityTechnology: WiFi
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Battery Run Time: 1 hour (60 pages)
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, OSX, Windows

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